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Venkat Raja 


Venkat Raja had endlessly worked to gain insights in electroplating and conversion coatings on theoretical and manufacturing applications. He recently served The Boeing Company in a senior engineering role supporting the global Chemical Technology group. His proficiency includes analyses techniques, physical characterization, automation, process engineering and control, and statistics. He is a resilient leader who understands stakeholders, customers, employees, atoms, ions, and innovative technology. Mr. Raja takes pride in keeping up-to-date on all international management practices and leads change management. He is adept at inferring and responding to patterns and behaviors.

Raja had worked in plating and surface finishing for over 30 years in operations leadership, engineering, and research roles in North America and Asia. He had deposited over 23 elements (nickel, gold, zinc, chromium, copper, palladium, silver, indium, tin, bismuth, phosphorous, boron, titanium, tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, zirconium, platinum, cobalt, nitrogen, hafnium, rhodium, and lead) on over fifty different substrates of copper, ferrous, nickel, aluminum, and titanium alloys using electrolytic and electroless plating, high temperature ionic liquid, and physical vapour deposition (PVD) processes.

Mr. Raja had submitted three patent applications representing The Boeing Company on tin/bismuth plating and plating on titanium. He had provided international protection and patent declarations on ionic liquid tantalum boride deposition method. He is the first (and only) to invent a thick beta phase tantalum electroplating deposit.

He transformed a plating department to a high-performance team of a leading Canadian hardware manufacturing company. He designed a large and truly automated electroless nickel- boron plating line for US Army Research Labs (ARL). This was a $4 million USD project. He led hard trivalent chromium plating research project to replace hard hexavalent chromium plating on Boeing Commercial Airlines (BCA) and Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) applications. He gave a technical presentation at SUR/FIN 2018 conference on “The Trivalent Hard Chromium Deposit and the Physical Characteristics.” representing The Boeing Company. Mr. Raja had resolved a complex two-decade-old and three continent-wide electroless nickel boron abnormal deposit growth issue within two hours. He was the first to optimize a high-volume gold PVD deposit process method on electroplated nickel with a first-time acceptance increase from 92 to 98%.

Venkat continues to develop clients’ facilities and is working on introducing an artificial intelligence and algorithm based mathematical tool for the global electroplating industry. He recommends clients on production and people management, automation equipment design, installation and commissioning, process control, ex situ and in situ analyses, physical characterization, lean, statistics, total quality management, REACH, and water and wastewater treatment systems.

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