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Advint is a well-established and reputable player in the North American rectifier procurement market. Many know the company for its expertise in fundamentals, quality, technology, and supply chain, which have contributed significantly to its success in the industry. In this article, we will delve into each of Advint's strengths and explain how they have helped the company establish itself as a reliable supplier of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) or silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) technology for electrolytic applications.



Electrolytic applications are complex processes that require careful consideration of various factors, including the conductivity and mobility of ions and the principles of Ohm's law. Advint's expertise in rectifier technology and electrochemistry enables the company to provide informed recommendations to its customers. The company's knowledge of rectifier technology helps customers select the most suitable IGBT or SCR technology for their specific needs, leading to increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and improved overall performance. Advint's expertise is mainly valuable in electrolytic applications, where proper technology selection can make a significant difference in performance in processes such as electrolysis, electroplating, anodizing, electrowinning, and e-coat.



Advint partners with three leading rectifier manufacturers that offer certified components with automation and data integration features.

However, what sets Advint apart is its meticulous workmanship and quality system for electrolysis, hydrogenation, electroplating, and anodizing power supplies. The company's commitment to quality ensures that its rectifiers are durable and perform well under demanding conditions. This is important in electrolytic applications, where harsh conditions such as high temperatures and corrosive materials can cause equipment to fail prematurely.



Advint's expertise in electrolysis, and electricity is a critical component of its success. The company's expertise enables it to help customers achieve the best possible performance from their rectifiers. Advint can help customers select the most appropriate IGBT or SCR technology based on the specific requirements of their electrolytic applications. Besides, the company's expertise in technology allows it to develop custom solutions for its customers. Each customer's needs are unique, and Advint can work with them to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs.


IGBT or SCR technology- Advint Incorporated

Supply Chain

Advint prioritizes the supply chain, customs clearance, and transportation, offering high-quality rectifiers at competitive prices with prompt delivery. The company's initial investment in artificial intelligence software and digital e-commerce makes the buying process convenient for customers. Advint also offers a rebate for advisory services clients who purchase rectifiers, further enhancing its customer service. This commitment to the supply chain and customer service ensures that customers receive their rectifiers when they need them.



Advint's strengths in the fundamentals, quality, technology, and supply chain have positioned it as a leading provider of technological advantages and cost savings in the rectifier market. The company's commitment to helping customers achieve the best possible performance from their rectifiers has helped establish its reputation as a reliable supplier of IGBT or SCR technology for electrolytic applications. If you need a reliable supplier of high-quality rectifiers for electrolytic applications, Advint is an excellent choice. The company's expertise in fundamentals, quality, technology, and supply chain ensures that customers receive the best possible products and service. Advint's commitment to its customers has helped it build a strong reputation in the industry, and the team poise to continue its success for years to come.

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