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In the changing times as now, expectations on quality and services differ. A plating company is no exception. The sector is not at the forefront. When expectations grow, re-alignment of vital trademarks of an electroplating organization must change. The change must happen with a focus on data science, creativity, finance and behavioral science over a long period. Except data science, none of these are new. But the application, the discipline and methods have adapted. When a plating organization defines and uses these four trademarks, they become ‘agile’. This short paper explains the characteristics of these trademarks and spills the beans on its returns.


Agile Electroplating

Data Science

Surface and metal finishing sector are on the precipice of embracing data science. Many large automated electroplating plants have unintegrated big data. Several variables and analyst’s processing abilities limit conventional statistical methods like control charts and design of experiments.


A proper use of statistics and inclusion of a software program with algorithm enables big data to be integrated on many variables. Use of data science enables predictive analytics. The common tools are error trend seasonality (ETS) and auto-regressive integrated moving average (ARIMA).


So, what are the returns? Is data science better than simple statistical tools? The answer lies in the scale and the ease with which we can do a complex study with big data within a short period. These analyses can detect variations in hoist performance, rectifier applications, and laboratory data. Data collection and analysis in real time will make sure predictability and compel corrective actions of the processes and equipment.



Finance plays an integral role in daily activities and on long-term capital projects. Proper use of marginal cost concept on daily activities and return on investment (ROI) or net present value (NPV) method on capital projects is pertinent. A dynamic team deals changes with apt financial methods, and it yields pure profit and opportunity cost value. A well-structured bill of materials (BOM) and use of data science will show non-conformances in a process at an early stage. This will help management react to changes. A balanced usage of financial and or accounting practices with statistics and data science will produce optimal quality results.



Creativity inspires innovation. Develop necessity and enable trust to seed creativity.

In the absence of creativity and motivation, a team member can’t bring disciplines like data science and financial management to fruition.

Innovation on input and output variables, automation and DC rectifier 4-20 mA controls can refine and alter the process performance. Many variables and big data demand software programs, as manual analysis become overwhelming and overlooked. We can be creative and innovative on data, technology, behavior, and science.


Behavioral Science

Many of us engage in matters we liked, we have studied, and we corroborated. There is a valid reason for this conduct. Many times, we are right. Sometimes we sustain on our validated thoughts. When challenged or distracted, we change. When we focus and our emotional intelligence increases, we also change. Some of these changes are desirable, but most are not! Therefore, possessing a sustainable conviction over a long term turns out to be nonlinear. There is no standard method to sustain conviction. However, one must balance change and sustenance with conviction. New and complex subjects like data science and its integration in manufacturing require focus and engagement.

Human capital integrates data science, finance and creativity. This will levitate an organization’s performance.

Empowered staff with sustainable conviction can maximize profit and develop their employer’s performance in the long term!


An Idea in Brief

The joint use of data science, finance and creativity with behavioral science will be the harbinger of change for high technology and ambitious electroplating applicator. These trademarks are no longer nice to have, but are deliverables critical.

Real time reaction is the crux of the matter.


Use of data science and finance is about being proactive and making things simple. Behavioral science is about recognizing the values of creativity, data science and finance, and making it effective.


Agile organizations posses a lean production system. They become lean and productive by using proactive data analysis with innovative technology. These applicators write succinct operating procedures.


The four trademarks identified in this short paper are authentic methods to become agile and create an enormous surplus.


Note to Readers: Because of intricacy of the subject, brevity of time and confidentiality, the paper you read might drain the energy. The author desires a reader to revise the paper and enlighten on this matter.


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