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Welcome to Advint Incorporated, the vanguard of electroplating advisory in North America. We take immense pride in our ability to steer our esteemed clients towards attaining unparalleled plating proficiency with incomparable ease and efficacy. Our quintessence is both straightforward and profound: to catalyze the ascension of electroplating enterprises to their zenith through operational virtuosity, seamless integration of data science, meticulous cost structure refinement, and pioneering process management methodologies.


Our Overarching Mission


At Advint, our archetypal mission is to galvanize electroplating clientele, propelling them towards unprecedented plating excellence through innovative solutions and sagacious guidance.


We are inexorably committed to:

  1. Optimizing operational efficiency and productivity to stratospheric levels

  2. Spearheading technological innovation and automation at the cutting edge

  3. Augmenting quality control mechanisms and process predictability to near-perfection

  4. Cultivating sustainable and cost-effective practices that stand the test of time

  5. Delivering comprehensive, state-of-the-art electroplating training and unwavering support

By forging symbiotic partnerships with our clients at every juncture, from conceptualization to implementation, we aspire to revolutionize their plating capabilities, maximize their competitive advantage, and catapult the industry into a future characterized by unparalleled precision, sustainability, and resounding success.



The Advint Imperative: Why Choose Us?

Attain True Plating Capability:

We facilitate the realization of plating excellence through rigorous optimization and groundbreaking solutions.

Ensure Operational Excellence:

Our methodologies are meticulously crafted to streamline operations, guaranteeing consistent, superlative output.

Enable Data Science Integration:

We harness the formidable power of data science to elevate your processes, rendering them more predictable and efficient.

Review and Refine Cost Structure:

Through a comprehensive evaluation and optimization of your cost architecture, we unearth concealed opportunities for substantial savings.

Identify Latent Opportunities:

Our sophisticated analytical concepts, methods and tools unveil opportunities that might have otherwise remained obscured from view.

Perform Perpetual Process Predictability:

Through relentless continuous improvement, we ensure your processes maintain unwavering predictability and reliability.

Innovate and Automate:

We introduce cutting-edge automation technology to revolutionize your plating operations.


Support Research on REACH Applications: 

We stay at the forefront of regulatory changes, ensuring your consistent compliance and competitive advantage regarding directives such as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.




Our Comprehensive Service Portfolio


Aid in Design Automation and Optimization of Plating Equipment

A meticulously designed plant is the cornerstone of expedited returns on investment. At Advint, we maintain an unwavering focus on the latest technological advancements, ensuring our clients reap the benefits of collaborations with premier equipment manufacturers and state-of-the-art automated design solutions. Our services encompass comprehensive support for rack and barrel lines, as well as avant-garde continuous reel-to-reel plating unit design and operations.


Automated Electroplating Line - Advint Incorporated


Evaluate and Recommend Laboratory Practices

Navigating the labyrinth of proprietary chemicals and laboratory practices can be a Herculean task. Our expertise in metallography, optical microscopy, deposit characterization, tribology, and corrosion testing empower our clients to make judicious decisions, guaranteeing optimal performance and environmental compatibility.


Electroplating Quality - Advint Incorporated


Improve Quality & Productivity

Empowering human capital and fostering engagement are the linchpins of success. We conduct thorough evaluations and recommend judicious alterations to your cost structure, with an unwavering emphasis on quality, effectiveness, and operational excellence. Through the implementation of the Toyota Production System (LEAN) and cutting-edge data science techniques such as data mining, autocorrelation, and ARIMA, we propel our clients towards unparalleled quality and productivity benchmarks.


Recommend Enhanced Process Engineering Management

Exemplary process engineering is the bedrock of sustainable quality performance with minimal unpredictability. Our comprehensive support encompasses operative process setup, total quality management (TQM) tools, process development and control (PDC) tools, and our proprietary Time and Change Management (TCM) tool, all meticulously designed to pave the indomitable path to world-class manufacturing prowess.


Global Support: In-Person and Remote Services

Advint offers both in-person and remote services to a diverse clientele spanning the globe in the metal and surface finishing sector, ensuring our unparalleled expertise is accessible irrespective of geographical and time zone constraints.


Our Unparalleled Value Proposition


Our premium subscription clients, with annual operating costs in the vicinity of $5 million, can anticipate a substantial reduction in their expenditures by approximately $500,000 (a remarkable 10%) in the long term.


We achieve this Herculean feat by sourcing, researching, developing, and rigorously testing innovative solutions that our clients can implement at a judicious price point.


We work in close concert with our clients, from upper echelons of management to frontline employees, to craft and enhance processes and equipment, ensuring seamless and efficient operations that stand as paragons of excellence in the industry.

Our Expansive Service Offerings

Streamline Process Control: We help ameliorate cost margins while maintaining steadfast adherence to the highest quality standards.

Vendor Identification and Process Assessment: We pinpoint the crème de la crème of vendors, conduct exhaustive investigations of processes, and assess results to achieve optimal outcomes.

Physical Characterization Assessment: Our services include comprehensive assessments of deposit physical characteristics, encompassing corrosion and tribology resistance, deposit morphology, crystal structure, and phase analysis.

Plating Line Upgrades: We provide invaluable assistance in constructing or upgrading plating lines to meet your exacting requirements. Through our strategic partnerships with leading and cost-competitive plating equipment manufacturers, we offer turnkey solutions of unparalleled quality.

Data Analysis and Machine Learning: We conduct exhaustive data analysis utilizing advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art machine learning programs, empowering you to detect concealed opportunities and drive practical transformations with reliable and relevant data.


At Advint Incorporated, we are the driving force behind operational excellence and pioneering success in the electroplating industry. Embrace true plating capability and bear witness to the transformative power of expertise, innovation, and unwavering dedication.


What Sets Advint Apart: Our Distinctive Edge

Global Reach: Our electroplating advisory services span an impressive three continents and six countries, with an ever-expanding international footprint that continues to grow exponentially.

We serve aerospace, automotive, printed circuit board (PCB), general metal finishing, electronics and many other industries.


Aerospace Military Electroplating - Advint Incorporated


Unparalleled Expertise: We offer comprehensive in-house technical knowledge of the highest caliber, complemented by robust partnerships with preeminent industry research institutes.


Circularity Economy Expertise: Advint's innovative Circularity Assessment Tool enables clients to effortlessly adopt sustainable practices, significantly enhancing resource efficiency and environmental impact. This approach embodies core principles of preservation, optimization, and effective transformation.


Visionary Strategy: Our exceptional foresight into industry trends positions clients at the forefront of their sectors, maintaining a competitive edge in dynamic markets.


Client-Centric Commitment: Advint embraces a fiduciary mindset, prioritizing client interests above all else to ensure optimal outcomes and long-term success.


Responsive Support: Our dedicated team provides direct customer assistance within a mere 24 hours, irrespective of time zones, ensuring uninterrupted support for our global clientele.

Experience the inimitable Advint difference by leveraging our basic or premium electroplating advisory services. We deliver holistic, tailor-made solutions to address your specific finishing needs, combining global scale with localized expertise honed through years of diverse, real-world success in the most challenging environments.



Electroplating Advisory Services

Advint's Global Reach, Proven Experience


Advint Incorporated has rapidly ascended as an international firm since its founding in 2018. With operations spanning four dynamic business segments across three continents and five countries, Advint combines global scale with localized expertise honed through years of diverse, real-world success.


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