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Electroplating Advisory Business

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Advint’s mission is to aid electroplating clients achieve true plating capability with ease.




Attain True Plating Capability

Ensure Operational Excellence

Enable Data Science

Review Cost Structure

Identify Hidden Opportunities

Perform Perpetual Process Predictability

Innovate and Automate

Support Research on REACH Applications





Aid the Design, Automation and Optimization of Plating Equipment

Our research and practice show a well-made plant is likely to offer faster returns on investment. Advint invests in being up to date on changes and innovative technologies.


We find equipment manufacturers for the client, aid design, automate with PLC, and optimize.


Our service includes backing on rack and barrel lines, and continuous reel-to-reel plating unit design and operations. 


Evaluate and Recommend on Laboratory Practices

Choice of proprietary chemicals are rich. Deciding between characteristics and environment is complex. Using our skill and facts, we help decide.


Advint advises clients on analyzes, metallography (micro-etchants and color etchants), optical microscopy, deposit characterization, tribology and corrosion testing requirements. 


Improve Quality & Productivity

The key to success is to empower people and inspire engagement.


We evaluate and recommend changes to cost structure.


Advint emphasizes quality, effectiveness, and operational excellence.


We ensure Toyota Production System execution is effective.

Our clients profit from data science execution. Examples of machine learning tools include data mining, autocorrelation, ARIMA, linear regression, and Gaussian Distribution.


Discovery of opportunities for control charts, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), cause and effects analysis are other value adds we offer. Advint shows electroplating applicators how to develop workable reaction plans. 


Recommend Enhanced Process Engineering Management

An outstanding act in process engineering leads to sustainable quality performance with insignificant unpredictability.


Our support comprises operative process set up and correct choice of total quality management tools.


These include process development and control (PDC) tools and execution of Advint’s proprietary Time and Change Management (TCM) tool. We prepared the TCM for a path to world class manufacturing. 



In person and or Remote


Global (Metal and Surface Finishing Sector)




A premium subscription client with $5M annual operating cost would reduce their annual cost by $500K (~10%) in the long term.


We source, research, develop, and test. Our clients reap the fruit at a reasonable price. 


We join forces with clients every step of the way, satisfying their statement of work, targeting operational tactics and taking advantage of innovation.


Advint staff works with both managers and employees to craft and enhance processes and equipment.



Advisory Services




Streamline process control while improving cost margin.


Pinpoint vendors, investigate processes and assess results.


Assess deposit physical characterization such as corrosion and tribology resistance, deposit morphology, crystal structure and phase.

We can help build or upgrade new or existing plating lines to meet your requirements.


We conduct and report data analysis using algorithm and machine learning program. This assists in detecting concealed chances with little effort and produces dependable and pertinent data and exhibits direction to practical transformation.