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This paper explains Advint’s exclusivity from our competitors to the North American rectifier procurement agents.

Our rectifier sales vertical currently offers technological lead with substantial cost edge from peers, and we position us for the future of rectifier applications.


In the crowded rectifiers sales market, Advint distinguishes its leadership in the fundamentals, quality, technology and supply chain. Market surplus inspires customers to make wise choice by parsing quality and price benefit, and other technical factors.


Electrolysis is DC power supply’s primary use. We begin by understanding the requirements of electrolysis and electricity. Other value adds are electrical and electronic necessities, automation, big data integration features and logistics. We made sales and customer services with a nimble format covering specifications checks, electrical certification and inspection label needs, transportation and product warranty.



Each customer's need is different. On electrolytic applications, due consideration of electrolyte conductivity and ionic mobility (and Ohm’s law) is important. We offer service to customers who want to go make a choice between insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR).


Advint’s representative encourages considering ripple and maximum output from DC amperes. On productivity, be strategic on DC output amps, largest and smallest parts produced at a time, and the ripple tolerance based on electrolyte and electrode tolerance. An unsuitable choice can increase ripple, drive electricity consumption, and cripple productivity in the long-term.



Advint has partnered with a leading rectifier. The supplier’s PRO series models meet UL and CSA’s inspection label standards. Their model’s MODBUS protocol and RS 485 communication enable automation and data integration of many parameters. Of course, most manufacturers offer similar features with an exception of Advint’s data integration feature. The most important distinction is the workmanship and rigorous quality system from the team on electrolysis, hydrogenation, electroplating and anodizing power supplies.


DC Rectifier


Supply Chain

We understand the customer wants great price and quality, with prompt delivery on the promised date. This is what we offer, and we do that with an attention on supply chain, customs clearance and transportation.



Advint’s pivotal lead is our understanding of electrolysis and electricity.


We took simple but often discounted procurement process steps. Investments in artificial intelligence software to analyze disparate data and on digital ecommerce to make the buying process easy for our new and long-term customers are in progress. Advint offers a rebate for advisory services clients when they buy rectifiers.


Our rectifier sales vertical currently offers technological lead with substantial cost edge from peers, and we position us for the future of rectifier applications.


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