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Venkat Raja 



Venkat Raja is a renowned electroplating specialist. He is the founder and president of Advint Incorporated, a federal (registered) corporation in Canada. Advint is an electroplating advisory and training services firm offering premium service across the globe. 

He earned a bachelor’s degree in science (chemistry), an MBA and a green belt in lean sigma. Mr. Raja has over 33 years’ experience in aqueous and ionic liquid electrolytes, autocatalytic and physical vapour deposition (PVD) processes. Prior to starting Advint in 2018, he had worked in the USA, Canada, and India, holding senior roles in research, engineering, and manufacturing. He served as a lead engineer for The Boeing Company and worked for COM DEV International Ltd. (now Honeywell), and Titan Industries Ltd. Serves as an Aerospace Materials Specifications (AMS) B Finishes Processes and Fluids Committee member.

Venkat invented a new process to deposit a thick beta phase tantalum. He had applied for several patents and released international patent declarations. Mr. Raja deposited 23 elements on over 50 different substrates at large and small scale. He redesigned North America’s most complex rack plating line and designed the world’s most automated electroless Ni plating line for the US Army Research Lab (ARL). 

Advint’s electroplating training is popular in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Middle Eastern countries. Mr. Raja considers attendants’ professional development as an instructor is part of his service. Advint’s flagship advisory services have been helping senior management of corporate clients enable improve operational excellence and reduce cost. Venkat takes pride in sharing incredible power with the collaborative approach towards a goal of enabling true electroplating capability. He frequently shares fresh perspectives based on real world understanding in the Our Insight page. 

The PDF link explains Mr. Raja’s background, technical expertise, and achievements. 

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