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Electroplating Advisory Services


Advint Incorporated provides electroplating advisory services designed to advance our clients’ businesses with a focus on quality, effectiveness, and operational excellence.


We review each client’s process performance and capability methods and seek to discern their wants and expectations. Our clients lead the industry and achieve a true electroplating capability with improved quality, timely delivery, and customer and employee satisfaction in the long term. We comply with and aim to maintain high Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards.


We center our vision on our users to help them master the use of science, mathematics, technology, and management to realize their desired capabilities. We are working to develop a customized management concept based on emotional intelligence for global surface finishing clients.


A breakthrough algorithm and machine learning program for worldwide electroplating applications are in the concluding stages of work.


Electroplating industry machine learning


The drive of Advint is to practise the influence of intentions on the approaches. Our recommendations and emphases begin with intentions to accomplish infinitely valuable outcomes.


Unlike consultants who focus on solving problems, Advint’s unique advisory services focusses on cost reduction by working on fundamentals, method, innovation, and critical thinking on quality and delivery attributes.


Here are a few reasons our customers hire the advisory services of Advint:


  1. Design manual, automatic or state of art electroplating plant or processing line.
  2. Optimize barrel, rack, reel to reel, plating on plastic (POP), continuous strip plating, and plating on PCB’s.
  3. Process optimization and effectiveness
  4. Improve lean, statistics, and productivity practises.
  5. Research support on REACH alternatives such as trivalent decorative and hard plating, conversion coating and electroless Ni alloy plating.
  6. Optimize difficult to plate deposit alloys such as alkaline nickel-zinc, bronze and brass on aerospace and automotive applications.
  7. Plating on exotic alloys like high nickel stainless steel alloys, Inconel, Titanium and Aluminum.
  8. Plating indium, tin, palladium and gold on connectors and printed circuit boards using automation lines with programmable logic control (PLC) software.

Advint staff are familiar with the intricacies and nuances involving complex and multi-step processes. Advint’s electroplating advisory services deliver structured, formal, and succinct remedies. We review data, analyze, and submit a corrective action recommendation (CAR) report. Our services are virtual and we meet in person at our client’s facility based on their request.


Adherent to our CSR policy, we offer an option to sign the two-way non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for mutual protection of data and information. This ensures privacy and security of client data.


Advint developed the proprietary Time Change Management (TCM) tool using decades of manufacturing, research, and engineering experience. Our evaluation and recommendations extend to topics such as production and people management, lean, total quality management (TQM), chemistry, electrochemistry, process control, statistical process control (SPC), analyzes, physical characterization, effectiveness, automation and equipment engineering.


Our team has good links with the industry and research institutes. We are expanding and look for fresh business opportunities which meets our codes and values.


We understand each customer’s requirements are different. You may have personnel with advanced skills, or perhaps your process line is complex and requires precise attention. No worries; we listen, adapt to your needs, and guarantee results.  



Grab the opportunity and subscribe to find out how your company can benefit like others.


Electroplating Industry Training


Advint offers a three-day training on electroplating for early career professionals. This is the only comprehensive industrial training available in the global market.


We give free access to E-book.


The course covers:

  • Basic chemistry and electrochemistry
  • Faraday’s laws & Nernst Equation
  • Cleaning, activation, water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Analyses, metallography, corrosion, and tribology
  • Electrolytic and autocatalytic plating; chromium conversion coatings
    • Acid and cyanide Zinc plating; cadmium plating 
    • Nickel plating
    • Chromium plating
    • Gold plating
    • Silver plating
    • Plating on aluminum alloys
    • Strike plating
    • Electroless nickel phosphorous plating
    • Electroless nickel boron plating
  • TQM, Lean, PDC, SPC, PLC, automation and innovation.


Rectifier Sale


Advint sells top quality DC rectifier / power supply used for electrolysis of aluminum, electroplating, anodizing, and electro-polishing industries. SanRex Corporation is the manufacturer of switch mode (IGBT) and SCR rectifiers. It excited Advint to become their reseller for the USA and Canadian surface finishing market. The technical partnership helps us to serve our customers supremely to a lofty standard.


Here are for more industries we offer these products:

Electrolysis, electrowinning, electro galvanization, electrophoretic coating (e-coat), and electrodialysis.

Hydrogenation, sea water electro chlorination, hydrogen and brine water electrolysis, aluminum electrolysis, caustic soda and potassium hydroxide electrolysis and wastewater treatment operations.