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Creating a surplus is an implicit ambition of our real time contribution. The effectiveness of our drive makes a positive difference and offers maximum customer value proposition (CVP).


How do other sectors and manufacturing industries innovate and manage the fundamental concept of creating a surplus?

What surpluses mean?

Surplus is receiving more money than paying.


plating industry


Surplus is an economic concept. This paper aims to strive beyond economic and financial prudence to improve and sustain on surplus. A profound strategy using traits like conformance, time management and decision making will help transition to a new approach. 


We all have a procedure, a standard and a key performance indicator (KPI) to follow and observe. There is conformance and non-conformance. We are not referring to product conformances, rather we are discussing conformance trait of our mind. We use business improvement methodologies like ISO, lean and total quality management (TQM). Use or somewhat overlooking to use this trait properly is what defines as a route to the maximation of surplus.


Use of ISO standards and concepts in the beginning of growth stage is valuable. The standards used today must not hinder our ability to change tomorrow. A non-conforming mindset, swift decision making and managing time followed up with the revised adherence to ISO principles are one of the simplest means to realize CVP quickly.


What is the value of time?

Carl Sandburg wrote, “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”


There is a plethora of lean tools. The uniqueness of lean is not in its tools but in its emphasis of culture. Adaptability and change combined with decision making is the most important means to the path of surplus.


Most use TQM on their work applications. On electroplating and plating on plastics applications, mere use of statistical tools is not sufficient. We recommend starting with 6 process development and control (PDC) tools and train ourselves to see the not so easily seen variations.


A New Approach in Brief:


Technology and finance sectors use information technology (IT) to boost the growth and analyze intricate information which human eye and mind rarely recognize. Sectors within manufacturing industry often use innovation to stay ahead of time. Use of standard and tools like ISO, lean and TQM produce fair CVP. To maximize CVP and create excess surplus, how we use the standard and tools matter the most. Ability to change, managing time and prompt decision making in real time will enable our organizations’ evolution to a new approach.


  1. Leaders in technology and finance sectors who are adept at decision making do keep in touch with data and information on real time. Knowing the surroundings and being focused is a basis to be decisive and disruptive.
  2. The leaders do not consider past performance or guide as a benchmark or a standard, respectively. We recommend leaders to examine and revise the standards and opportunities endlessly.
  3. As Sandburg aptly put it, time is precious. Masters control the time and destiny.

We advise the electroplating management team to focus on surplus to coin money without difficulty.


Often you must consider originating a new approach with cognizance of conformance, decision and time.


Whatever that approach might mean to you and how and in what way it might be new, I’ll leave it in your capable hands!



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July 22, 2024
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July 7, 2024
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